Busy? Sick? Painful body? Fed up with it? I get it.

When people sacrifice healthy eating to keep up with the demands of their busy lives, the ripple effects can be severe – weight gain, exhaustion, and LOTS of other health problems, which lead to low productivity, irritability, strained relationships, and feeling lousy all of the time.

See if you can relate to this. You’re a serial multi-tasker, just trying to keep your head above water juggling work and family demands. You know you don't eat well but have accepted that “this is just the way it is” because your life is so hectic. So you eat from the drive through or have cereal for dinner just before bedtime. Or you forget to eat or don’t have food handy when you’re hungry, so you go too long between meals and then use the vending machine and caffeine to keep yourself going. Or perhaps you think you DO eat well because you grab a protein bar, energy drink, or Lean Cuisine. Whichever the case, your body’s feeling it … daily energy crashes, fatigue, digestive problems, skin problems, weight and other health problems (yes, LOTS of problems) – maybe requiring a daily cocktail of over-the-counter or prescription meds – are a way of life. The more effort you expend, the less you seem to accomplish. Diminishing returns to the nth degree. You long to break this vicious cycle, but lack of time, knowledge, and tools have kept you tethered to the same short-term fixes that only push you further along the downward spiral.

Does this resonate? Then stick around.

I’m Aileen Thomas, Certified Nutrition Educator and CEO of MyBestBody, and I help people like you overcome lifestyle-based health problems you may have suffered from for years using sound principles that are simple to integrate into busy lives. You won’t find diets, deprivation, or drastic measures here. Why not? Because I’ve tried all of these, and after wasting years of my precious time, thousands of dollars, and unquantifiable energy, I just got sicker, and sicker, and sicker.

I suffered for nearly 20 years with a pack of serious, unrelenting health problems. I was exhausted all the time and chronically UNDERweight, and suffered from excruciating adult-onset acne, an absolutely broken digestive system, year-round allergies, and daily energy crashes. I was also addicted to sugar and caffeine. If there’s a hell, I was in it. I tried everything and was perpetually disappointed, demoralized, and finally just plain fed up.

There had to be a solution. Because doctors could never link any of my health problems to an underlying medical cause (has this happened to you?), I was forced to seek my own answers. I thus embarked on my “odyssey.” Through my own research and experimentation (I was my own test subject) over a number of years, I found that all of my health problems were related to my diet (which I THOUGHT was pretty good). As I made what were actually simple changes to my diet, I was able to say goodbye and good riddance to my tortured, painful body as, over time, each of my problems disappeared and never returned.

My energy is now consistently high, my weight is healthy, my body functions like a fine-tuned machine, my skin is clear and youthful, and I’m no longer plagued by the roller-coaster nightmare of sugar addiction. This process also had a HUGE impact on my life: My productivity is high, my life is more balanced, I am more social – and much happier!

Are you up for making this change? Just say yes. Make a commitment to yourself, your future, and your happiness. I’ll supply the tools and I’ll even guide you step by step, but there’s one thing I need from you. I need you to carve out a little time for yourself. This may be a foreign concept, but you must start giving yourself at least some of the time and attention you’ve been giving others. Even just 20 minutes a day to learn a new, better way to live, and the results will be manifold.

Welcome to MyBestBody (and YOURBestBody)!