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The MyBestBody™ App is the smart, simple, uber-streamlined tool that creates a customized Portions Profile™ just for you that tells you how much of what to eat to trigger deep metabolic healing and create your very best body!

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About My Best Body™

MyBestBody™ is the one-stop online shop for selfstarters (like you) who want to learn how to eat in ways that preserve their pleasure, banish their pain, and create their very best bodies for life. Like you, we’re unique! No cookie-cutter nonsense, flash-in-the-pan “instant fixes,” or obscenely expensive junk food dressed up as healthy food. MyBestBody™ combines fun (and FREE) on-demand “lunchtime” mini-lessons that will transform you into a food brainiac with the MyBestBody™ App so you can apply your newly gained brain power to eat strategically and start creating your very best body! Excited? You should be!

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Just click on Register, answer a few simple questions, and you’ll have your Portions Profile™! Start adding foods you’ve eaten and watch your Portions Profile™ fill in over the day!