Welcome to the Click2Heal™ App!

Click, click, click, heal, heal, heal…

With its patented portions system, the Click2Heal™ App teaches you how to eat in ways that preserve pleasure, eliminate or reduce painful health conditions and symptoms, and create and sustain your healthiest body for life.

The Click2Heal™ App creates a customized Portions Profile™ that tells you how much of what to eat for your unique metabolic needs to trigger deep healing. Watch your portions fill in over the day as you add foods and whole meals with one click!

How It Works

Click on Sign Up Today, answer some simple questions to create your customized Portions Profile™, and instantly become a Free Subscriber! Upgrade to Premium at any time to access the App’s full functionality.

App Functions Free Subscriber Premium Subscriber ($9.95/mo)
Create your customized Portions Profile X X
Add a food you ate today or yesterday to your Portions Profile X X
View and edit foods you ate today and yesterday X X
Create a Favorites List of frequently eaten foods for quick and easy adding X X
Personalized Sensitive’s Food List X X
Create recipes for frequently eaten meals and snacks you can add with one click X
Create new recipes from current recipes using the Recipe “Save As” feature X
Download recipes from the Recipe Bank directly into your recipes X
Track your progress in key areas and create additional personalized tracking metrics X